AB Control CZ Ltd. realizes:

Our experts are able already in the initial stage of the offer analysis recommend the most suitable measurement points, measurement principles, automation, controls and user interface which means a substantial reduction of costs at subsequent period.

We use mainly the control systems SIMATIC S7 (incl. PCS7), Allen-Bradley, FieldPoint, GE PACSystems . We are able to deploy another control systems by the user request. Of course there is the openness of the system and full portability of data to higher management levels.

An integral part of control system is the visualisation. According to the complexity of the project and the demands of users we can use in range from mosaic blind schemes through control operator panels to complex computer visualisation systems. We are frequently using sophisticated object-oriented visualisation SCADA/HMI software SIEMENS - WinCC or Wonderware - InTouch. Other systems like "The FIX" or "Control Panel" we have used in past period.

For processing of design documentation for electric installations and automations we mainly use EPLAN and AutoCAD systems. Our designers have long-term experience in designing power electric distribution systems, control systems and in measurement and regulation for technologies in water treatment areas. Upon customers' requests we can produce designs in Czech, English, German or Russian.