Reference - Deminaralised water treatment plants

CHÚV PARAMO a.s. Pardubice (CZ) Demineralized water for heating plant capacity 150 m³/h  
CHÚV PPC Bratislava (Slovakia) Demineralized water plant for heating plant (steam-gas cycle) capacity 140 m³/day  
CHÚV PPC Bratislava (Slovakia) Demineralized water - control system replacement to SIMATIC S7-300 + HMI panel    
Precheza Přerov (CZ) Chemical water treatment technology - extension for softening filter    
Energetika Chropyně (CZ) Reconstruction of chemical water treatment technology - new clarifier    
EMAL (UAE) Demineralized water plant for aluminium works capacity 132 m³/h  
CPP Hubco Karachi (Pakistan) Condensate polishing plant capacity 2x450 t/h  
AST Greifswald (Germany) Condensate filtration and degasing capacity 60 m³/h  



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