References - Sewage water treatment plants

WWTP Hradec Králové (CZ) Mechanical-biological treatment with chemical precipitation of phosphorus capacity 184.300 PE More
WWTP Hradec Králové expansion       (CZ) Expansion of WWTP - removal of anorganic nitrogen    
WWTP Hradec Králové reconstruction (CZ) Reconstruction of WWTP - removal of total nitrogen, PDN filter    
WWTP Hradec Králové reconstruction (CZ) Reconstruction of WWTP - modernization of inteke pumping station    
WWTP Nelahozeves - Unilever          (CZ) Two-stage cleaning of industrial and municipal wastewater capacity 1260 m³/day More
WWTP Nelahozeves - Unilever, expansion (CZ) Intensification of the Control System, GSM monitoring    
WWTP Újezd u Brna (CZ) Municipal wastewater treatment plants - adding technology    
Hefei (China) WWTP in China, Anhui province capacity 500.000 PE  
Shijiazhuang (China) WWTP in China, Hebei province capacity 800.000 PE  
Jinan (China) WWTP in China, Shandong province capacity 1.125.000 PE  
Draa ben Khedda (Algeria) Wastewater treatment plant capacity 1.050 m³/h  
Khenchela (Algeria) Wastewater treatment plant capacity 4.800 m³/h  
Nemra El Bassal (Egypt) Wastewater treatment plant capacity 8000 m³/day  


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